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We are currently involved with new glazing projects around the country from Johannesburg, Mafikeng, Bloemfontein and Kimberly. Our competitive price on New Glazing Projects makes us one of the leading companies in the country for new building projects with regard to Steel and wood frame projects. Being a member of SAGGA customers can rest assured that all glass installation will be done in accordance with National Building regulations. NBR Changes that Relate to Glazing The “new” National Building Regulations are a lot more specific in terms of glazing installations than they were previously. Not only is the maximum pane area and glass thickness specified, but so too are the different types of glass.

These are:

  • Monolithic annealed glass
  • Patterned annealed and wired glass
  • Laminated annealed safety glass
  • Toughened safety glass

In addition to this, glass must also comply with the relevant SANS, as must the method of fitting the glass or alternative material used for glazing.

Just be aware that whether you are glazing doors, windows, shower cubicles, shop-fronts or anything else, glazing MUST comply with SANS 10400-N as well as other standards that relate to the manufacture of glazing materials.

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